Healing Prolapse: Your Unique, Holistic Healing Journey

Shannon Dunn - Healing Prolapse

Healing Prolapse: Where to Begin is a book for women suffering with pelvic organ prolapse symptoms who want to heal but don’t know where to start. Journalist Shannon Dunn fully healed stage two uterine prolapse using a natural and holistic approach and has written a book trilogy to help women on their own unique healing journeys. In her books, Shannon gives women hope to find a natural way of loving themselves, guiding them to tune into the very core of their being, where healing begins. Here, she talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about her own healing journey and her passion for helping others.

Why did you write the Healing Prolapse book series? 

When I was diagnosed with a very symptomatic stage two uterine prolapse, I knew I could not let it be my life sentence. I decided to march to a different beat and follow my own body’s advice on what steps to follow. I have been fully healed for more than five years, during which time I had a second baby (homebirth). I did not experience prolapse afterwards because I understood how to support my body, so prolapse never, ever happened again. I am not unique.  

If you are suffering with prolapse and are feeling scared, frustrated, alone and hopeless, understand you are not alone and there is help that goes beyond the mainstream advice that doesn’t take the whole person into account.  

I wrote the book series I wish I had had access to when I was first diagnosed. The third book in the series will be published next year (2022).  

The first two books are designed to be the support as you get started on your own unique healing journey: Healing Prolapse: Where to Begin and Healing Prolapse: 100+ Affirmations for Your Journey Within. The final book in the series, Journey Within: A Guide to Healing Pelvic Organ Prolapse will be released in the first half of 2022 and features insights and advice from some of the world’s best holistic practitioners, as well as my own insights from healing prolapse and much more.   

Why do few talk about healing prolapse? 

Because, as women, we’ve be told our bodies are defective and we’ve believed the lies. We’ve fallen into the trap of thinking if a doctor or medical professional says something isn’t possible, then it must not be. But those are ultimately just beliefs. It doesn’t mean those beliefs are true. 

I was told I couldn’t heal, however, the difference was I didn’t believe what I was told. I knew deep within my soul my body could heal. How could it not?! It just needed to be supported back to wholeness and that meant taking a holistic approach: mind, body and soul. We expect our body to heal a broken bone, why not a displaced organ?

To heal is not to reach a destination. The process of healing is experienced in the journey of coming to know our authentic selves. When we come to find and embrace our holistic self, in all of its facets – and support our whole self needs – it is then we may experience what we deem to be healing. The journey can never be in parts if we truly want to feel better. What we seek is seeking us. We just need to remember how to listen.

A decision to heal, regardless of what we may be experiencing physically, is a powerful signal to the body to move towards more of what we want. Our beliefs form the foundation of what is possible in our life.

Many women talk about their body having failed them, when faced with prolapse symptoms. What do you say to them? 

You, and your body, are not broken. While prolapse may cause us to feel as if we are falling apart, there could be nothing further from the truth. In actual fact, this may just be your “coming together”.

Our body is much smarter than we give it credit for. Through deep social conditioning, we have taken on the belief that we are not enough and not complete. If there is one thing to work on today, that would be undoing this false belief and tapping into what your body is REALLY telling you. 

A body showing symptoms is a body telling us that something needs addressing. Something (or things) in our life are out of balance, aren’t being tended to, are not in alignment with what our higher self knows is our truth for our life. 

Today, think of prolapse as a wake-up call, rather than a body failing to do what it used to do. Rather than mourning what was and feeling into the fear of what we perceive to currently be, focus more on what it is the body is saying.  

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