Period Health – A Story of Connection, Healing and Sustainable Menstruation

Mama Cloth

By Amanda Goodhand

My struggle with endometriosis a disconnection to my period and my womanhood; I dreaded my period; painful cramps, inflammation, dryness, itching that arrived with my period each month, it felt like a never-ending cycle.

I was at a point that I would try anything to reduce the pain and inflammation, I had already made changes to my diet, I practised Yoga and that helped immensely, but I still dreaded my period and tampons.

I was searching online for a much-needed solution to my symptoms and come across Mama Cloth. I was slightly sceptical of Cups and Cloth pads, but I couldn’t keep using tampons, so I decided to try a Cup and Overnight Cloth Pads.  I haven’t looked back and to this very day, I still have and use these products.

Making that small change, had such a huge impact on my life – it reduced my inflammation during my periods, substantially reducing the pain I experienced during my menstrual cycle. For me, the ultra absorbency of tampons taking not only my cycles blood but any moisture and lubrication in my vagina caused little scratches internally and dried out my vagina.  I couldn’t change to a lighter tampon as it wouldn’t stay put! So I consistently used a Heavy Tampon which of course had the capacity to draw more moisture which only made things worse.

I was creating a playground for unhealthy bacteria in my vagina and the bad bacteria was causing my symptoms. Yes, our vaginas have good bacteria, also known as healthy vaginal flora.  There are many other reasons for an unbalanced flora such as hormonal changes and stress.

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