How Do You Find Yourself Again After Having a Baby?

Photography:The Everyday You by Hanny BoBanny

By Sarah Noble

A beautiful follower asked me this question today in my stories and I thought I’d offer my thoughts. 

First of all, you were never lost. 

You are in there, being the amazing you, but perhaps you just forgot, or you pushed her down, or you were ashamed of her, or scared of judgement, or were afraid she wouldn’t be accepted. 

The process really, is about coming home to yourself. 

The you that’s always been there, that perhaps it’s time to get to know and give a chance.  

How do you do that?  

  • Journal – freely write with no expectations.  Use prompts to get you started like “who am I?”. And keep digging deeper each time.  
  • Open conversations with trusted loved ones, exploring. 
  • Working with coaches, healers and different modalities. Don’t underestimate another’s perspective, help and support in peeling back those layers and asking deep questions.  
  • Trying new things and exploring what lights you up. Always wanted to try pole dancing? Go to a class. Explore, experiment. 
  • Write a list of what you value and find your top 5.  
  • Question everything in your life and ask yourself if it feels aligned. Relationships, jobs, etc., then start tweaking and adjusting.  
  • Tune into your instincts and intuition more and trust them.  
  • Write out a dream life scenario – go into as much detail as you want, down to what you’re wearing, how people talk to you, how you feel about yourself, how your house is decorated, etc. Allow yourself to believe you can have that life. 
  • Follow what feels good, what lights you up – without letting your logical mind talk you out of it.  

That’ll get you started!  

This isn’t an overnight thing.  

Allow yourself time and patience to explore.  

And find the fun and joy in the journey!  

Good luck Mama ❤ 

Sarah Noble is a Mum of a 4-month-old and 2.5-year-old. She is a Mindset Coach for Mums, helping them to manage their mind, optimise their mental health and come home to their authentic selves, while navigating motherhood. She also hosts Mamas’ circles. She loves normalising conversations around everyday motherhood and mental health and shares her own journey openly. You can connect with Sarah on Instagram and Facebook

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