How to Get your Sleepyhead to Eat Breakfast

By Elizabeth Pantley

Does your child wake up slowly with no appetite first thing in the morning? That’s a challenge worth solving because by the time breakfast time rolls around she might not have had anything to eat for as much as twelve to eighteen hours. Because this early nutrition is critically important to her health and wellbeing you will need to find creative ways to convince her to have some breakfast.

Forget a meal – make it a “snack”.

A child who isn’t in the mood for breakfast will likely reject a big meal. So don’t try to convince her to eat one. Instead, think of this more as a “morning snack”. Referring to it this way might help to convince her to eat.

Keep it light.

Provide something light, like toast with peanut butter, or yogurt and granola. These will likely be more acceptable to a child who isn’t feeling very hungry.

Try a liquid breakfast.

A child who doesn’t want to eat might be willing to partake of a breakfast drink. Try a smoothie made of yogurt and fruit.

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