I’m a Parent


By Hayley Zemontas  

I’ve got weetabix crusting my elbow,  
stretch marks map my thighs. 
Toothpaste stains my shirt, 
crumbs of sleep still in my eyes. 
No time for a shower; 
my hair’s a knotted mess! 
Caged by towers of laundry 
but trust me, I’m trying my best.  

I’m a parent.  

I’ve forgotten to grab breakfast. 
I never made the bed. 
But my children have clean nappies; 
they’re fresh, watered and fed.  
There’s scatterings of mugs  
filled with half drunk tea- 
I’ve had no time to drink them,  
my lap is never free.  

I’m a parent.  

I’m awake amongst the stars- 
those lonely newborn nights. 
Endless rounds of feeding,  
of watching the sunrise. 
I rock and bounce and soothe  
to curdled colic cries. 
Then all at once it’s passed- 
how quickly time flies!  

I’m a parent. 

I’m enamoured with every inch,  
every perfect piece. 
In awe of what I’ve made  
from crown to little feet. 
I’m proud to be your parent 
with all its twists and turns- 
what a privilege to see 
you flourish, play and learn.  

I’m a parent. 
And we’re a family.  
I’m your parent- 
what a precious thing to be.  

Hayley Zemontas is a first-time mum to twin girls. She loves writing poetry and finds it very therapeutic. You can find her on her Facebook page.

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