In a World of Fast Fashion, Let’s Slow it Down to Child’s Pace


By Hannah Schenker

Over the last few years, consumers have been waking up to the negative impact that “fast fashion” has on the environment and the people working within it. Fast fashion is a bit like fast food – cheap, throwaway clothing that’s easy on the wallet but hard on the workers and the environment. The alternative? Slow fashion! Let’s slow it down to child’s pace. Wander is a great example of a brand embracing the slower side, with their handcrafted soft sole shoes.

So what is “slow fashion” exactly?

“Some elements of the slow fashion philosophy include: buying vintage clothes, redesigning old clothes, shopping from smaller producers, making clothes and accessories at home and buying garments that last longer.[1]” – Wikipedia

It’s about choosing quality over quantity. Supporting the small businesses making their own items and bypassing the big chain stores and their temptingly low prices. Slow fashion ensures that items are made with quality manufacturing, and the focus is more on classic, simple styles that will last.

Wander is a small family-owned business based in New Zealand. Their genuine leather, hand-crafted soft sole shoes are designed to go the distance, rather than be thrown out after one child has worn them, or they’ve “gone out of fashion”. Going slow is a key concept for Wander, who are passionate about not contributing more unnecessary waste to the world.

“We try to be as gender neutral as possible, with the occasional bit of gold or pink to suit our customers,” says Wander’s owner, Nyssa. “We like the idea that these shoes can be passed on between siblings and friends, and last for many years.”

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