Incoming Souls: The Core Heart of Mother & Child


By Shelley Lemaire, Incoming Souls

It is an exquisite meeting, the moment we set eyes on our newborn baby. A moment that takes our breath away and there will never be any moment more intimate or life-changing… Everything we have known ourselves to be is now forever changed by this being, this baby who we are meeting for the first time… yet the known of this first meeting, this ‘first contact’ transcends all our ‘knowing’ to date. We know this soul, this child, who we are now just beginning to get to know in their newborn body. Everything we are has just been blown apart, rewritten and reassembled by this little being, this soul… this baby we birthed. who is both fully ours and does not belong to us, in the same moment… our heart both inside and outside our body…. our future and our past all woven into one exhausted overwhelmingly ecstatic present. All dualities will be fully immersed in for the next stage of life as mother to this baby. 

Most profoundly, our referent has changed dramatically, and everything that has come before no longer holds us in its clutches in quite the same way. Our view of ourselves and the world has now been re-scripted by another, who we do not know… yet is the centre of our universe. And the universal presence of this soul has been informing our referent view and cellular experience for the last 9 months… but in truth, far longer. Often this soul has been present with us for years… weaving their consciousness into our bodies and out lives in the most exquisite ways, unseen, but intricately preparing. Sometimes the incoming soul makes their presence felt in certainty and other times it is a quiet whisper of existing, a timeless being emerging into time and touching the threads of our existence in the most precise ways… informing our cellular form, touching our lives and our longings, our families and the people around us.  A stunningly precise weave of the consciousness of an incoming soul is taking place for years leading up to their conception… It is a most precious time in which we can be present to this soul, listening to who this being is, seeing, feeling, and getting to know the essence and personality that will be.  

The embodiment information of every incoming soul is fully accessible before conception, as it is during pregnancy, and after birth. The embodiment information is the fundamental story of who this soul is, the consciousness they are bringing into their body….the who of this soul, and why of you, the precise gift to your family, and to this earth. The spirit that embodies into matter, i.e. the soul that arrives into the body, is and has an embodiment story long before birth…it is a story that will unfurl and unfold throughout their lifetime.  The presence and posture of this child as defined through their embodiment of soul-into-body is information that we can feel and access through their embodiment story at any stage. This information unfurls with life experience, as this child grows and develops, but the core essence of who this soul has come to be in this life is a constant. It is something we can begin to get to know, to become parent to, in witness and love before this child has conceived their physical form. 

In the world of baby-making, we are so often missing some key information, fundamental jigsaw pieces of a conception story. Why this soul? Why now? Why not now? Why this family? This timing?? Why in the world? In a long, heart-wrenching wait for a desired conception, or a whoops moment of unplanned pregnancy, we might silently ask ‘Why?’. Our linear path laid out, step-by-step to future goals, and oh, someone has a different plan.:. or a different piece of the family jigsaw than we expected… not fitting into our ‘timing’ one way or another. Who is this being? What is the view through their eyes as they prepare to enter this family dynamic with all its messy and beautiful aspects? These lives entwined and enfolded, journeying towards parenthood, family, a profound awakening of wakened nights and changing identities. Who is this exquisite incoming soul that is weaving their personality and essence into this family tapestry, thread-by-thread creating these new parents and shaping this new life? What is the missing piece of information we do not know, and cannot see, but makes sense of this entanglement of family? This soul choosing and preparing, now, why, who… why not now? Why such a long painful road? Is something wrong? Is assisted fertility the only way? Like waiting for the metaphorical baby bus for years, and then all of a sudden three come along, without rhyme or reason. Except there is a very precise spirit-matter story that holds both poetic rhyme and perfect reason, and it is a story we can share, can be witness to, can understand and it is the missing information that makes sense of why, who, how. Why this symptom, this challenge, this unexpected unfolding? Why this loss, this timing, this process? Why this pain, this recalibration and rebuilding? Why this meet and this consciousness and why this child? AND what action steps to take on the path… phew.

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