Little Girl Talking To Her Mama In The Bathroom Is Too Cute

By Hannah Schenker

Does your little one follow you to the bathroom? Can’t get even a few minutes in there by yourself? This video is for you!

Mum of two Leah Hazley captured the moment her daughter Noelle joined her while she was in the bathroom. Noelle pokes her head in to have a wee chat with her mama, then when mama asks if she can wait outside for her, Noelle pops back in a few more times to keep the conversation going. And it is too cute!

Hazley, herself a blogger, told The Huffington Post this kind of thing happens pretty much every day, and to dad too.

“I usually don’t allow her to be alone with her sister for very long for fear that an accident may happen,” Hazley said. “Plus it’s easier than hearing her yell and scream if I decide to close and lock the door. It’s much more peaceful this way.”

Makes sense really, doesn’t it?

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