A Love Letter To The Previously Infertile Mum-To-Be

Crazily, I started writing my book Pregnancy After Infertility: A Guide to What’s Different & What’s Next just two weeks after the birth of my second child. I felt drawn to writing it because I knew it was so important not to forget any of the heartfelt details of my experiences. I wanted to document everything so that I had them forever for myself and for my girls, and because I knew that I wanted to help other mums-to-be who were in the same boat. I knew how valuable this book would have been for me if I had been able to go back in time and read it!

I challenge you to take the opportunity to learn from someone who has travelled your journey before you, and who has survived. Someone who wants you to thrive, to love your pregnancy, to enjoy your birth and, most of all, to excel in your amazing experience of becoming a new mother. Infertility may have proved to be a hurdle, but you overcame that – and now, with my guidance and my ‘been there, bought the T-shirt’ wisdom, you can absolutely thrive in your new role of mum.

Pregnancy After Infertility: A Guide to What’s Different & What’s Next explores topics such as ‘the infertility lottery’ (that is – why did infertility affect you?); hormonal imbalances and their effects (these can make our pregnancy different to a normal pregnancy); ‘getting your girls out’ (you’ll have to read the book to see what I’m talking about!); choosing your medical and non-medical support team; sex, drugs and rock and roll (intrigued?!); the miracle of birth; how to prepare for heading home; my two-baby wisdom… and much more.

In our modern world, so many new-mother and village traditions have become lost – I hope that my book helps us to bring some of those traditions back, resulting in happier, healthier mums and bubs. Imagine the ripple effect of that? I hope you also enjoy the book’s stories, as well as its practical exercises and worksheets, and that you achieve mum-and-bub bliss. After all that you’ve been through to become pregnant, you deserve that!

From one mum to another…

Natasha xx

After many years of heartbreaking infertility, Natasha Hogan finally fell pregnant through IVF and is now the proud mum of two beautiful little girls. Natasha has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, and she now combines her ‘medical head’ with valuable personal insights to show previously infertile mums (and mums-to-be) how to create an outrageously joy-filled journey ahead. To discover more about Natasha’s unique, loving, practical new book, head to www.pregnancyafterinfertility.com.

Due for release in February 2018, ORDER your copy of Pregnancy After Infertility today at www.pregnancyafterinfertility.com.

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