My natural parent wins and utter fails

Photography: K.A. de klerk Photography

By Camilla Ker

When I was pregnant, my idea of how I was going to be with my baby was aaall about natural parenting.

My non-negotiables were:

  • Baby-wearing: I was not going to have a pram. I was going to have a lovely cotton wrap and go about my day, baby in tow.
  • Breastfeeding as long as possible: I did all the reading I could and was determined to keep away from formula.
  • Cloth diapers or elimination communication: I was going to avoid landfills full of nappies and dry my cloth diapers in the Australian sunshine. Easy right?
  • No epidural: I wanted to feel the birth as our foremothers did.

Much to my chagrin, my mother kept on raining on my earth mama parade with comments like:

  • “Oh cloth diapers are so difficult.”
  • “A pram is so much easier.”
  • “You were bottle fed after five months and you turned out fine.”
  • “I loved my epidurals. Just have a nap and baby arrives pain free.”

But no, I was going to be the earth mama of the century. Until …

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