Mom is Drawing – Artist Captures What it’s like to be a Mother

Image: Mom is Drawing

By Hannah Schenker

Joy Hwang, aka Mom is Drawing, started out motherhood thinking everything was going to go according to plan and be a wonderful, magical time – particularly when it came to breastfeeding. But unfortunately for her, life had other plans and she found it really difficult. She tried all sorts of things, like eating her own placenta, drinking concoctions to stimulate milk production and pumping.

One day, she began to draw her experiences, turning her graphics and illustration skills in a more personal direction. One of her first drawings captures the task of breast pumping. After sharing this drawing on Instagram, mothers everywhere responded and continue to enjoy her reflections on parenting.

Her drawings encompass many aspects of mothering, but particularly focus on breastfeeding, as this is where she herself found the most challenges.

“I started Mom Is Drawing to capture fleeing moments in my new role as a mom,” she says on her website. “Every time when my baby fall asleep for nap or bed time, I rewind my day with a pencil in my hand to recreate the emotion fresh and raw. I see my drawings as love letters to new parents everywhere, and I am happy to be here to share them with you.”

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