The Superpowers Of Your Extroverted Highly Sensitive Child

By Kelly Eden

All the kids are backstage, made up and ready to go on. The director announces, “It’s a full house.” All the kids nervously groan. Except mine.

My daughter is an extreme extrovert. She loves being on stage. She’s been on it since she was four and she never gets nervous. In fact, when the director announced that it was a full house she cheered. According to her, the more people watching the better. Personally, I generally join the rest of the population who rank public speaking as their number one phobia. This is one of her superpowers.

My daughter is also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). It’s a common misconception that highly sensitive people are shy or introverts. In her research, Dr. Elaine Aron found that 30% of HSP are actually extroverts.

Could your child be one of them?

Signs you have an extroverted HS child

  • Social and would rarely turn down a chance to be with friends.
  • Intense, deep thinking, and has big ideas.
  • Kind, gentle, empathetic, creative and observant – notices subtle things about people, art, music or the world.
  • Seems to always be wanting to go to social events and gets energised while at out and about with people. However, especially after a busy day, still needs alone time or a nap.
  • Doesn’t prefer to be alone. Becomes bored, tired or even feels a bit depressed if alone for long.
  • Often engaged in new, interesting, creative activities outside the home especially with others.
  • When out they often spark up conversations with others even strangers and are happy, smiling, open and engaging.
  • Easily makes new friends.
  • Loves working in a group or team.
  • Emotional – feels things deeply and cares deeply about others and the world at large.

If your child fits a lot of these they may be a Highly Sensitive Extrovert (HSE).

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