My Rainbow Baby: Pregnancy After Loss

But time went on, and we began to discuss the possibility of another baby. I knew the time was right, after I got my period and was sad, even though we weren’t trying.

The pregnancy was pretty intense. As with my other pregnancies, I had hyperemesis gravidarum, and was vomiting every day for about 25 weeks, then every other day for the rest! We chose a different model of care for this pregnancy and went with a private Ob, and I had almost weekly visits to just watch her and listen to her heartbeat. If I had any issues, straight away I felt heard and supported, and I can’t tell you how important that is for a delicate pregnancy like this.

Coming close to the 32-week mark I was a bit nervous, but once that passed, I was so positive and optimistic about meeting this little one. I’m not sure if it was regular counselling with Red Nose, or the hypnotherapy sessions that helped the most with my mindset, but I approached this pregnancy full of joy and positivity, and let go of all fears.

Happy to say that Sage arrived safe and sound at 39 weeks and is just pure bliss. We miss her sister big time, but I think she waves at Erika when she wakes up most mornings.

I hope sharing my experience can help someone else who is grieving know that once your heart is ready, it is possible to get pregnant and have a beautiful baby after a loss, and I totally encourage you to be super proactive in your preconception care, and seek all the support you possibly can.

Cheree Sheldon is a nutritionist/naturopath and chef, and mum to three girls, one just happens to be an angel. Visit her website,

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