My Why

By Sally Saint

Since the day of knowing I was pregnant, my why has been my child. The changes I have made, the bold steps to create a better life, the decisions to create environments where he would flourish: he was my why.

For twelve years, this remarkable child has been the reason I got up out of bed and took the path less trodden, and what a path – opening up to full-term breastfeeding, baby led weaning, cosleeping, home schooling for a year and then making the step into a Montessori-inspired school.

All these words, all these ways, which semed to flow to me when the time was right, but also carried with them the lesson of courage. It takes courage to makes these choices when those around you do not understand, get it or support it.

I always had someone who understood: a mother at a playgroup, the editor of a mothers’ magazine – just not an adult in my inner circle. I was the first in my family and my then partner’s family, but life gave me just enough light created by another that I could take up the mantle and DO IT.

It takes courage to makes these choices when those around you do not understand, get it or support it.

The biggest reason and why though was the connection to my son, the connection of the heart. I would look into his eyes, feel the bond and the natural way was THE ONLY WAY.

I know there is a fantastic world of information available to parents now BUT the connection to your child and that love is the true teacher and the true way for you and your family.

Now as my son changes more and more, the space that naturally occurs is opening up for?? ME.

I love being a mum and will always be a mum, but the space for woman is beckoning more and more.

It seems that almost overnight, the whys dont revolve always around my son. They now are starting to circle around me. Which path do I want to take for myself? What road is the one pulling my heart now?

I have changed on this journey of being a mum, being a mum that took the natural path, and now my heart calls for the same natural path for myself. It’s allowing the courage to come forth for me, the daily energy that I put into the way less travelled for parenting my son. It’s time to let it be utilised for me, as maybe, just maybe, I parent myself!

I see things differently now. I am older, I have grown, I have healed so much and now the space calls, pulling me to inhabit it.

So here I step on the self-parenting journey, rising each morning, connecting to my heart and making the choices that align with me.

Sally Saint is a mother to an amazing 12-year-old son, a woman, healer, artist and walker of this path of life. She is passionate about natural parenting as it is in line with parenting from the heart. Her life has given her many experiences and she wishes to share and support others on this path. Check out her website.   

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