Hobbies Help Kids To Manage Stress

By Kylee Harris

Stress makes it harder for kids to learn and behave, according to a study published in the Biological Psychiatry journal, so why not help your child manage stress by encouraging your son or daughter to take up a stress-relieving hobby?

Healthy hobbies, such as crafting, dancing and gardening, are ideal choices.

These hobbies help kids to leave their problems behind for a while and clear their heads, as they also develop new skills.

Hobbies banish stress by diverting focus from everyday worries to enjoyable activities. If your child is relying on cartoons or video games during downtime, suggesting new hobbies will be a great way to expand his or her horizons. When you enjoy a hobby with your child, you may find you relax too. Plus, you’ll be able to bond with your little one or older child. 

Crafting boosts fine motor skills and creativity 

One wonderful stress-busting children’s hobby is crafting, and this is a hobby that you may really enjoy sharing with your child. To get the ball rolling, come up with a crafting project and gather supplies. If you’re busy and don’t have a lot of experience with crafting, consider signing up for a subscription box that arrives monthly or less frequently. There are subscription boxes filled with child-friendly crafting supplies and crafting instructions, which will regularly deliver art supplies to help your child relieve their stress through crafting. Crafting will also boost your son or daughter’s fine motor development and unleash their creativity. 

A child could make a doll’s house out of lolly sticks that are held together with non-toxic glue, or create a doll with muslin, needles and thread.

There are countless ideas, so the only limitation is your child’s imagination.

What’s important is that your child sits quietly, focuses on the task at hand and creates something with their own hands.  

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