New parents’ Christmas to-do list

By Elizabeth Barletta

Becoming parents is a huge turning point in your life. As newbie parents, you face many challenges and make memories. There will be many firsts. It’s a fresh and exciting start in many ways, as Christmas activities at home are incredible. 

The first Christmas as newbie parents allows you to not only make memories but also traditions that can last for the rest of your lives. Your baby will surely grow up, and he or she might have siblings over the years, but the first Christmas holidays as a young family are something you will cherish and your children will love hearing about. Christmas is an exciting time but new parents with young children can often find festive times challenging. This to-do list focuses on traditions they can work on as a family.  

So, plan your first Christmas as a family carefully. Make room for some traditions focusing on good health, togetherness, and love. Below is a to-do list that features some magical Christmas traditions as well as smart ideas to make this holiday season and the ones to follow, truly amazing.  

Plan well ahead 

The holiday season can get stressful if you leave things to the last moment. Especially if you have young children. Make your Christmas plans well in advance. Create a shopping list. Organise your household for the festivities. Find things that need replacing to avoid any last-minute shopping trips.  

Get the Christmas shopping done early 

Don’t wait until the week before the holidays to do your shopping. Don’t stop with gifts – there may be things you need to replace in your household. Getting your shopping done in late November when Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall is a great idea to prepare well for Christmas while making sizable savings. 

Put up decorations in early December 

There is no better way to spread the Christmas cheer in your household as well as your neighborhood than putting up decorations at the beginning of December. It’s one of the best Christmas activities for families that paves the way for bonding and lifelong memories.  

Make your own Christmas cards 

We may live in the digital age, but there’s nothing like receiving a homemade Christmas card! Create a list of family and friends that you want to send cards to. Then make handmade cards with a recent family photo. Get the kids to help if they are capable. 

Christmas baking 

Do you love the smell that Christmas baking leaves in your home? Get started with cooking early. Make cookies, a gingerbread house, and other baked goods to treat your family and friends over the holidays. 

Writing letters to Santa 

Get your children to write letters to Santa as soon as they can write. It’s a tradition that has been around for centuries. Keep it alive! 

Christmas slumber parties 

Camp under the Christmas tree with hot chocolate and plenty of stories. It’s an excellent chance for kids to sleep in the same room with their parents. Make an exception and let them stay up as long as they want. After all, it’s holiday time! 

Dedicate a night for Christmas movies 

Movie nights are one of the best Christmas traditions for small families. Get everyone’s favorite movies, make hot chocolate, popcorn, and other munchies, and enjoy a night filled with fun. Don’t forget to start early, primarily if they are used to going to bed early. 

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