Not Drowning in Motherhood

But as I reflect back on it all – the highs and the lows and the struggles and the triumphs, I realize this truth: although the lows suck – whether it’s finances, marriage or relationship struggles, loss of homes or jobs, health struggles and fears – they are what make the highs and the successes so incredibly sweet and lead me back to falling in love with this life over and over again.

I’ve learned in the tough moments to grasp every little sliver of triumph I can find. I find it in the moments I get to reconnect with my spouse – because as crazy as he may drive me, there are also things he gets and understands that no one else does. I find it in the victory days of accomplishment I have with my life’s work, that keeps me doing it even when there are moments I feel it could suck the life out of me. I find it in reaching our financial or personal goals after persevering through the struggles. I find it in our kids and the wonder of watching their journeys unfold as they navigate their way into the world.

Our struggles, I’ve discovered, is where we grow the most. Our victories would not be so sweet without our struggles.

Our struggles, I’ve discovered, is where we grow the most. Our victories would not be so sweet without our struggles. The struggles lead us to where we’re going. We wouldn’t get there and know the gratitude of being there if we didn’t struggle.

So whether we find ourselves at this moment struggling to stay afloat in the ocean or sitting on the beach admiring the view, there’s always so much to love about our journey. And about the people on this journey with us. And about ourselves in our highs and even in our lows.

We must keep snatching those golden moments and holding onto them with everything we have. The storms of life will try to rip those precious moments from our grasp, but our greatest strengths shine through when we not only hold onto those moments, but truly live in them.

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Angela Williams Glenn writes about the struggles and joys of motherhood on her website Stepping into Motherhood. Her book Moms, Monsters, Media, and Margaritas examines the expectations verse the realities of motherhood in our modern day digital era and her book Letters to a Daughter is an interactive journal for mothers to their daughters. She’s also been published with Chicken Soup for the Soul, Her View from Home, Sammiches and Pysch Meds,  Perfection Pending, and That’s Inappropriate. You can find her at her Facebook page Stepping into Motherhood

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