Nursing – A Poem

Photography: Lion Fox and Co

By Georgia Todd


I feel burdened
And stilled
Forced to sit
And Stop
Give over
To this Blessing

It can be
Beautiful and warm
Your need for me
I hold you close
and inhale
The warmth from your
down-like peach fuzz of a head
Smelling of Sunshine

Warmed Dust
That sifts through the air
of your room
Fragments of the girl
I guess that you are
All around us

On Good Days
I cherish this
Lean back into the worn
Rocking Chair
– I picked up for free
Close my eyes
and feel the flutters of
your tiny warm hands
Soft like silken petals
Moving gently over my skin
Reassuring Touch
I glance down and see
Looking up at me through your lashes
Which are darkening each day
Your eyes say to me
“You are my Universe”
And I know
You are mine too –
As weighted in me as a planet emeshed in space

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