Parenting with Astrology


By Alice Pingstone

Parenting can be incredibly challenging, complex and frustrating. By fostering deeper, meaningful connections to your child, it has the potential to be so rewarding. However, there are no clear objectives to score ourselves against, or KPIs to measure our success. Many of us are scrambling around in the dark, learning the art of parenting on the job, probably repeating how our own parents raised us, for good or for bad. Of course, there are parenting courses, books, seminars and support groups, which are all great and I would never discourage any form of parenting education, but how many of those really help you understand who your child fundamentally is? This is where I believe Astrology can help you. 

Most of us know our child’s ‘star sign’. We know that they are a Capricorn, or a Libra, or an Aquarius. Perhaps as they hit their teens, they read their ‘horoscope’ online or in a magazine. This is often the only way in which we interact with the world of Astrology. I don’t have a problem with horoscopes, as at least it gives us a chance to do some self-reflection. But horoscopes give only a superficial and generic snapshot of who we are and how we should live. 

The service provided by a professional parenting astrologer such as myself is very different to this. It’s a deep dive into the specific chart of the child, based not just on their ‘star sign’ but the position of the celestial bodies calculated from their exact location and time of birth.  

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