Parenting with Astrology

Some people have doubts about Astrology and whether it’s ‘real’. I say to them that most cultures throughout history have used the universe to explain earthly events, including the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese. As science has become the dominant way of understanding the universe, Astrology took a backseat. But Astrology has had a resurgence in recent decades, possibly because modern life leaves people disconnected from the natural world, the universe and ultimately themselves. Science doesn’t have all the answers, particularly when it comes to the really big questions about the nature of existence and the nature of consciousness. Perhaps Astrology doesn’t have all the answers either, but it should not be dismissed just because it sits outside of the scientific method. 

We want to create healthy, well adjusted, emotionally intelligent beings. To do this, we need to play long-term results rather than instant training style effects and really listen to them – listen, in every sense of the word. What better way of listening than learning all about every aspect of their psyche and how best to give them a tailored response to their characteristics. 

I think it’s important to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of parenting life, the constant everyday decisions, and reflect on whether we are fitting our child into a mould of the wrong shape. Or, perhaps, if we take a long hard pause, and use a framework such as Astrology to consider who this amazing young person truly is, we can fulfil their potential and set them free to flourish. 

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