Self-Improvement While Contributing to a Charitable Cause? Welcome to the Dry July Phenomenon

Increased energy levels and better sleep patterns also can’t be overlooked – being a parent can be draining, and many often turn to the bottle after a big week. Many people think that a little nightcap will help them sleep soundly through the night. Although alcohol’s sedative effects can make you drowsy, they also have other effects that can interfere with quality sleep.

Several hours after that nightcap, the alcohol raises the body’s level of epinephrine, a stress hormone that increases the heart rate and generally stimulates the body, which can result in night-time awakenings. Alcohol also relaxes throat muscles, and this relaxation can worsen sleep-related breathing problems, like excessive snoring or sleep apnea.

Essentially, your Friday night vice isn’t contributing positively to your energy levels or sleep patterns.

For those looking to save money, Dry July is a great option. Cutting out additional extras, such as alcohol, is one of the key ingredients to saving money quickly. Dry July makes this easy – people are sponsoring you to save! Use this month to focus and refine your saving efforts in other areas, too, and you’ll notice a big difference.

Dry July: The Bigger Picture

It’s also important to remember that there’s more to Dry July than just giving up alcohol. 

All funds raised for Dry July will benefit Look Good Feel Better, a charity that provides free, community-based programmes for any person, facing any type of cancer, at any stage of their life. The charity provides classes for cancer patients, focussing on the physical and emotional effects their disease is taking on them. The physical implications of cancer treatment can rob patients of their identity, and realisations of mortality can severely impact patients’ mental health.

Look Good Feel Better provides patients with a day away from treatment, focussed completely on themselves. Classes are run by volunteers with a wealth of experience in nursing, beauty therapy or cosmetic consultation. On arrival, patients receive a Look Good Feel Better makeup pack, filled with donated skincare and personalised makeup, specially chosen to suit the individual’s skin tone. The team of volunteers guide patients through a 12-step skincare and make-up regime, with great hints and tips on how best to apply each product. Particular care is taken with key ‘problem’ areas resulting from cancer treatment, such as re-defining the eye area when ladies have lost brows and lashes. Simple scarf tying, wig care and hand massage techniques all form part of the class.

If you’re ready to feel amazing in 31 days, you know what to do – sign up for Dry July here: There are endless benefits for you personally, your family, and of course hugely improves the lives of those struggling with cancer. Self-improvement while contributing to a charitable cause? Welcome to the Dry July phenomenon.

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