5 Simple Ways To Get The Me Time You Deserve

Me Time With Josie

I’ve got no time…  

I’m too busy… 

Do these phrases sound familiar? With family, work, social commitments, errands to run and the house to look after, there never seems to be any time left for you. Everything else comes first. But it shouldn’t! You deserve some time for yourself. You deserve Me Time. And I have 5 simple ways that you can prioritise Me Time into your week. 

Why Me Time Is Important…  

You play many different roles throughout the day, and they all require something from you without any time to reset. You are pulled from one direction to the next as you juggle being a mum, wife, taxi driver, personal shopper, chef, and that is not even considering your roles at work! Only by recharging your batteries can you then give and add to those around you. 

Why Is It So Hard To Get?  

Modern life is busy… like really busy! But, the biggest barrier to having Me Time is not actually the lack of time. It is making yourself a priority. So many people are relying on you for so many things. It feels like your own wants and needs are not a priority. That they can wait. Guess what? Your needs are as important as anyone else’s. And, you deserve some time to relax, reconnect with yourself and to recharge your batteries. Here’s how you can do it… 

1. Make Time  

The first thing you need to do is to make time to invest in yourself. There are a number of ways that you can do this…

  • Schedule time in your diary – make an appointment with yourself.
  • Agree with your partner or family that a certain day or time is for you to spend without interruption.
  • Delegate out some tasks so that you have less on your plate – if you don’t ask for help, you are unlikely to get it!
  • Make your weekend about relaxing, not about working! 

2. Be Confident And Secure  

Remember it is not selfish to have Me Time. Be confident and secure when planning time out for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to make time for yourself. It is completely up to you who you ask to help you out. It could be your partner, spouse, parents, friends or neighbours. If you are a young Mum, do not feel guilty about asking for help to recharge. Remember, that recharging is not only recovering from lack of sleep. It is also to renew the woman within you. 

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