Shifting Identities: From Mother Back to Woman

By Sally Saint

I can only write what is current, for that is where my heart leads me and I can only be authentically me when I am coming from my heart. For me, right now, I am grieving, and it is one grief that very few are connecting with or writing about and so I share.

At whatever time it happens for you, it will vary depending on your link with your child. For me, it is happening right now. At the age of eight, my dear boy has taken a huge growth and it has done what it is supposed to have. It has given him and myself the leap into our own personal paths.

It has been a subtle phase initially, but right now it has thrown me into the reality, that from the much-loved role of mother, woman now is being called forth. So for myself and for many, there is a grieving process.

There is a huge part of me that wishes I could throw myself back into that much-loved role by having another child, but I am a single parent, so that is not an option, and for us all it will come to knock on our doors at some stage. The day comes when your child does not need you with the intensity of the early years, and what that leaves you with, is facing the emptiness that this initial phase produces.

Allow this emptiness, for it is our natural healing process, one that is not to be filled by a million and one random things. It is to be allowed to remember, to feel, to cry, to take stock. It is our time to stop, to let go of this intense role and slowly but surely allow the woman to re-emerge.

In a world of fast, of staying positive, of goals and end results, where are the women calling for the now, sharing their truths and saying this:

Do not rush, do not run, allow your energy to shift and your heart to open to the pain, for it is in the feeling that the healing occurs.

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