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Ying and Yang: How do you balance work and family?

This one is tricky for me. Some weeks I am in balance, and other days, I am not. It all comes down to a level of organisation and honouring my energy and energetic frequency levels. It is a work in progress. I am at the early stages of running a soul business and continue with my conscious parenting journey and everything else that comes with life. When I am not in flow, I use my mindfulness tool kit and bring myself back to balance. Meditation and mindfulness, energy work, walking and nature allow my flow to continue and be at peace with my efforts. I also source outside of myself – in particular osteopathy, sacred feminine womb consciousness and my beautiful mentor. My daily practice is essential now more than ever as I have added my soul business to my life.

My husband is my number one support, not just physically but also for believing in me and helping me in anything I need. We are both aligned in this journey. My mum and brothers are also respectful of my journey, supporting me with their love and keeping me grounded. I also have wonderful friends who are there for me, exploring ideas with me, reminding me that I do not need to be everything at once. They also run businesses of their own, so their guidance is fantastic.

The drive: What challenges have you overcome?

My personal development is something that drives me. I am a seeker of truth within myself and my life purpose. Allowing and bringing joy into my life to flow and share with others is a strong driving force. My marriage, growing and expanding together, my children and supporting them in the best way I can here on Earth at a soul level are my most significant initiatives.

The challenges in beginning something are financially sustaining the flow, creating the space in our life for more and allowing and being open to receiving. These are all energy exchanges to be in alignment to enable the flow. But this is not always the most straightforward part., when you have individual journeys in the family at play and everything that happens in life. I have learned to be kinder to myself. My daily affirmation is “The universe has my back”, and then I surrender more. I find profound meaning and personal growth in the discomfort.

For better or worse: what are the pros and cons of running your own business?

My husband’s business, our family business, sustains us daily, so the pros and cons of running one have always been a part of our lives. The bottom line is if he doesn’t work, we don’t get paid. 

As an unschooling family, overseeing our daily life empowers us to do what we want when we want to, but the flip side is that it takes organisation for the more significant ideas. 

Daily, we truly have the flexibility, which has created the opportunity to be there for each other as a priority and for our children throughout our conscious parenting journey. The vital part is not getting bogged down by the parts of daily life that don’t serve our purpose. 

The difference now in running my business, birthed from a place of love and joy, is that the driving force is of high value to me; personally, it feeds my soul, and I also get to support others at a soul level. To me, that is a win-win!

Hopes and dreams: what next?

My hopes and dreams are to grow this business, incorporate the ideas I have for it as a sustainable way of life, support my soul’s purpose and that of others, contribute to supporting our family financially and continue to grow into my artistic talents.

I wish to grow the different aspects of the business in Reiki, women’s workshops of energetic alignment and continue to advocate for children through supporting parents and through my art, with more books to come. This all excites me! It brings me joy and an excellent opportunity to share wisdom.

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