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Experiencing the immense strength and vulnerability that comes with becoming a mother, Olga Emslie was inspired to use her passion and creativity as an artist to design children’s books to support babies and their mums through mindful connection. Her first book for newborn babies and mothers, Juxtapose, with its high-contrasting images of black and white and sharp edges, draws on the 7 energy centres known as Chakras, through visual stimulation. Here, Olga talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the inspiration behind her business, Omtology, her journey so far, and her desire to continue to support mothers and babies.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

Becoming a mother, the divine love and all the emotions of strength and vulnerability that come with that – the desires and dreams and hopes we hold as mothers for our children, ourselves, and our families. Creating space for myself as a parent with the purest of intentions and holding that space for us as a family connecting at a soul level have been my biggest inspirations towards alignment and sharing it with the world.

My observations of my newborn also inspired me as to how much attention and focus was displayed when I wore black and white patterned pyjamas. It led me to my desire as an artist, to create children’s books and support our children and beautiful mothers. Making the book Juxtapose for newborn babies and mothers is the first step in what I have to offer.

I am very much at the beginning of setting up my business as a lifestyle of what I love to do. It brings me excitement, joy, and uncertainty as I explore being a home-school mum, wife and time manager, while being authentic and managing the motherhood load alongside my desires of the business.

The Launch: How did you start in the beginning?

I started my business slowly and tested the waters first. I was interested to see what I could create and who would be interested in what I had to offer. Alongside children’s workshops, I also ran a small reiki practice from home.

While living in Canberra, I started running workshops for children after my Early Childhood Teaching career of 19 years. They were a great success. At the same time, I had my son, who was three years old. We had been through some traditional care for him, but they were not a great fit. We were also trying to fall pregnant during this time, but as a teacher and a new mum, the stress levels were too much for me, so I chose conscious mothering.

Allowing the space for my true sacred feminine nature and nurture to come through at this time and giving myself the right to mother my children as I felt fit was so empowering. To this day, it is my driving force as I follow my innate wisdom.

We ended up falling pregnant, moving to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and unschooling my children.

Through much personal development and un-conditioning myself, I came to honouring my sovereignty. I am now creating my life with intention, from past, present, and future experiences and innate wisdom.

The Innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

I am at the early stages of my soul business. My biggest breakthrough until now was to begin my business from an energetically aligned space, honouring what truly brings me joy: being an artist and putting this together with sacred energy and supporting children in their journey. So, I created a book for newborn babies and their mothers.

The book took a life of its own; being in alignment opened space for every step to present itself. I also run a sacred space for mothers and their newborn babies in gentle guidance and heartfelt connection alongside the book. There are more soul offerings to come as well. 

Selling copies of the book was a huge breakthrough! Putting it out there and hearing the comments and about babies’ engagement fills my heart with joy. There is fear when launching something new and not knowing if the outside world will love it and appreciate it as much as you do. But there is also excitement in the belief in your work.

I have also spent the last nine years in healing modalities through energy work, becoming a Reiki Master, Chakra Mindset Coach, NLP certified and Holistic Counsellor. I continue learning and putting all this knowledge into practice. Diving into the natural therapies for self-healing and my family to access natural healing, I am in a place of truth to continue moving forward.

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