The 7 real reasons you’re not sleeping – and how to fix them

4. Too many stimulants. You’re having coffee too close to bed time. Buzzing with adrenaline is a recipe for a restless night.   

Sleepy tip: Keep caffeine to before 2pm.  

5. Your body needs more movement or nourishment. Exercise during the day helps to improve restorative sleep, and reduces stress. Many nutrients, amino acids and enzymes can help our body to promote good sleep and regulate the sleep cycle.   

Sleepy tip: Ensure a healthy diet and movement is a part of your day. Consider a quality supplement or see a nutritionist for extra support.  

6. You’re not winding down. Are you running a million miles an hour and then jumping into bed? Your body needs time to shift into rest mode.   

Sleepy tip: Include a meditation or relaxing tea as part of your ritual, or wind down with your favourite book.  

7. You need a sleep hack! My personal favourite is to include aromatherapy in my evening ritual. Aromatherapy is known to promote relaxation, have a sedative effect and to activate the brain chemicals involved in controlling sleep.  

Sleepy tip: Pop on the diffuser 20 minutes before bed and curl up with a book. Try a relaxing Epsom salt bath with lavender or chamomile.

Want more simple tips for getting more restful sleep and calm into your day, using natural remedies to make it a little easier? Take a free 5-Day Wellness Challenge today to support your sleep at  

Sofia Potente, Health Educator and founder of The Natural Switch teaches women how to improve their family’s gut health, and create healthier, happier homes, using essential oils as a tool. She offers online workshops, natural remedies and non toxic solutions for gut friendly, allergy friendly homes. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook for more information.

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