The benefits of hosting an au pair

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It can be difficult for parents to find the delicate balance between meeting the needs of their children and their work, and it’s so important to find a childcare solution that best meets the needs of the whole family. 

Many families are now looking at different childcare options, moving away from traditional nanny or daycare services. In-home care is becoming more and more popular. While it might be ideal to leave your child with a relative or a close friend, this is not always an option, so finding somebody to care for your child who will love them like family is invaluable. 

More families are looking to au pairs as an in-home care option. An au pair is a young person, usually from overseas, employed by a ‘host family’ to care for their children. They live in your home, bond with your whole family and provide care, love and stability to your children. Having somebody you can trust and rely on who is there to focus solely on your children can help reduce stress and anxiety for parents. 

There are many benefits to hosting an au pair, including:  

  • Quality in-home childcare   
    An au pair will work with you to help keep your children’s care and education on track. If you hire an au pair through an agency such as Au Pair Link, your family will be allocated your own qualified ECE teacher who will meet with your au pair and children every month to ensure their learning is on track and everything is going well. They will supply age-appropriate learning kits and resources and also organise weekly playgroups, outings and meet-ups for socialisation and learning. Your on-call teacher is also there 24/7 if you need any advice or additional support. 
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