The Injustice of Infertility

By Jennifer Robertson

Australian Author Jennifer Robertson, former CFO of Australia Zoo for 9 years, has transitioned her career at 44 to write an open account of her and her husband’s 7-year fertility journey to help shed light on an industry that is profiting from the pain and suffering of infertility, and also help other families understand they are not alone and there is a way forward.


The brutal and honest truth of infertility.

A true story written to expose and share the reality of what life is like when you are diagnosed with infertility, The Injustice of Infertility shares with you exactly that: the injustice of infertility.

The unfairness of why one couple gets the dream and yet you struggle year after year, spending hundreds and thousands of dollars, having painful operations, blow after blow, cycle after cycle of disappointments. Where the medical system fails you. Where you’re considered a number, not a person. The legal system puts up roadblocks and hurdles and obstacles. Where you have to adopt your own biological child. And there is no one to blame and no one to fight for you.

After 6 months of negative pregnancy tests, we sought help from the professionals. After our first fertility specialist gave up on us, we floated and tried all the natural remedies – from acupuncture to homeopaths to different diets. Meanwhile, we watched our friends falling pregnant and growing their families before us and struggled to be happy for them. We questioned why others were able to have what we longed for and became consumed with the injustice of it all.

After another 6 months of negative pregnancy tests, we tried modern medicine again. I was poked and prodded and given high doses of hormones including viagra pessaries, which resulted in the painful and frustrating diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

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