The top 5 sleep tips for pregnant mothers

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By Patricia Moore

The bigger picture 

A huge percentage of the adult population in Australia faces sleep challenges. In fact, the Sleep Health Foundation in Australia has reported that 33-45% of adults lack adequate sleep of either duration or quality. The report also states that females are more likely to experience difficulties in falling asleep compared to males. And if you’re pregnant? Chances are that you belong to the most sleep-deprived group. In a poll carried out, 78% of women reported they have sleep issues during pregnancy compared to any other time. 

So what can you do about it?  

Many things can help but let’s just focus on the top 5 first. Improve on these areas and you can substantially increase the chance of falling into dreamland at night. 

#1: Change your sleeping position  

Having an optimal position allows you to be more comfortable on the bed, reducing the chance of you staying awake. In addition to that, several benefits come with sticking to the correct position, like reducing the risk of stillbirth. The best sleeping positions vary according to trimesters

In summary… In the first trimester, any position is fine but try to sleep on your side. In the second trimester, start to sleep on your side. In the last trimester, you should be sleeping on your side by now, preferably on the left side.  

#2: Make your bedroom conducive for sleep

There are times when we bring in bad habits into the bedroom that cause us to stay awake longer than we should.  

You should put all electronic devices away from sight, especially when it’s close to bedtime. It may be difficult to do without them at first but with consistency, the task gets easier. It can also signal to your body that it’s time to wind down.   

Other than that, keep the bedroom cosy. Dim the lights and make everything in the room pleasant and comfy.  

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