Time to Play

Photography:Alexa Doula Photography

By Larissa Dann

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock
Five thirty – a.m. – says the clock
I’m five months old, and it’s time to wake
I’m ready to play now, make no mistake
Kick my legs, thrash my arms
I’m just a baby, I have no qualms
Off comes the sheet
And look – there’s my feet!
Little toes lonely,
Don’t want to be ‘only’
So in my mouth goes
My ten tiny toes

But wait –
This is great!
I’m not in my cot, all alone and sad
On my right is my Mum, to the left there is Dad
My big blue eyes, dark in the light
Settle on Dad – wahoo, what a sight!
His eyes are closed, but it must be pretend
If I reach out and touch him, his sleep’s sure to end
“Play with me, Dad” I gurgle and coo
“Play with me Dad – I love you, I do!”
Thwack goes my arm, as it lands on his chest
I pull just one hair – forget all the rest
I saw movement, I did, on his face!
The eyelids fluttered, the breathing changed pace
I’ll try it again, see where I can go
But this time I’m gentle, just jerk to and fro
My cherub mouth opens, curved in a smile
“Play with me Dad – just for a while”
But Dad, he lies there, still as can be
Seems he can’t see or hear, little old me

My head turns to Mum – she wants me to sleep
I see her eyes, so tired they weep
“Just one more try, Mum”, as I whip my head round
Pleading with Dad, “Please, hear my sound”

But no-one will play – they still think it’s night?
“All right” I say, “I’ll give up the fight”
And I turn on my side, with some help from my Mum
Find a soft nipple, sigh, “This is yum”
Now all is quiet, and I hear Mum say,
“Another time, baby – then we’ll play.”

Larissa Dann is a parent and parent educator, writer, blogger, and community worker, who hopes her work offers practical skills and insight into gentle, peaceful parenting. You can read more of her work at Parent Skills, or join her Facebook page.

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