Top 5 Benefits of Babywearing for Mums

Any mum would have a story about a time when she wished she had more hands! There are the times when you needed to cook dinner for your family, but your newborn wanted nothing more than to be cuddled by mummy. Or what about the time when your toddler found his way into your makeup drawer and needed a bath stat, but your 10 month old was awake and on the move?  Well, there is an easy solution to these problems!

Babywearing allows mum the freedom to continue her normal routines, at the same time as holding her baby close and making the most of those fleeting moments that we all cherish!

So, in honor of mother’s day and all the babywearing mamas out there, here are our top 5 benefits of babywearing for mums!

  1. Hands-free Convenience

By wearing your baby around the house and on your adventures together, you’ll have both hands free! Yes, it means that you don’t have an excuse to get out of the vacuuming or laundry, but it also gives you more reason to get out in to the garden together, do some baking or simply sit down at a café and enjoy that much needed coffee (and a sneaky slice of cake), all while cuddling bub!

  1. Increased Bonding

The sweet smelling scent of your newborn and the feeling of your baby’s gentle breath on your skin as they sleep against your chest is something that a mum never forgets, no matter how much time goes by. Unfortunately that time goes way too fast, but through baby wearing you are able to make the most of every second! The closeness and positive touch between the two of you relaxes and connects you both.

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