Babywearing with Ease: The T-Shirt Method

By Brooke Maree

If you have trouble/don’t know how to do up the back clip on your buckle carrier, this is the easiest way!

The t-shirt method

1. Start with clipping on your waist belt, doing up the back clip, and loosening out the shoulder straps. 

2. Put your baby in, bring the back panel up over their back. Hold back panel against baby with one hand and the back clip in the other hand. 

3. Guide the hand holding clip over your head like a t-shirt and pop your head through. 

4. Slip your arms through the shoulder straps, and then tighten to your comfort level where you can comfortably let go and baby is supported. 

5. Ta-da! Back clip is in a great spot and it was super easy! off you can go to tackle the day 

This is the Ankalia Swift Buckle Carrier available in 10 designs on my website! All made locally here in Aus! 

Happy, easy, joyful, confident babywearing! Remember to always keep one hand on baby whilst setting up your carrier and taking baby out of carrier. Follow the TICKS safe guidelines (below) and always monitor your baby making sure their airway is clear. 

In view at all times
Close enough to kiss
Keep chin off the chest
Supported back

Brooke Maree is a Babywearing Educator and mother of two based in Brisbane, Australia. She is passionate about parents finding joy and confidence in their roles by using a baby carrier or sling to make their lives easier. An expert in her field, she provides educational blogs, video tutorials, a monthly podcast, private consultations, and is soon launching an online program. Find out more about her services at

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