Umbilical Cord of Love

Natural parenting has been my path and it continues to evolve with my son, my parenting greatly influenced by my own childhood and what I did not want my child to experience. Now my dear mum is natural parenting me.  

Coming from the heart is my description of natural parenting. She gives me this every single day, free of anything that stood in the way of its total functioning in our physical life walk together. For my dear mum carried many things and was afraid for a lot of her life. So her loving arms carried with them unresolved pain. 

Today she is beside me, she resides so deeply in my heart centre that it is like holding a bright light within and living off its glow.

This is my mother’s love. 

I write this for all mothers, those on this earth, those in heaven, those so full of love, those who had so much to learn. There is nothing to separate that which was bonded together so deeply. 

Creator of life, mother, is always with us, ALWAYS. I write to bring hope and clarity, peace and love.  

Happy UK Mother’s Day one and all. 

Sally Saint is a mother to an amazing 8-year-old son, woman, healer, artist, walker of this path of life. She is passionate about natural parenting as it is in line with parenting from the heart. Her life has given her many experiences and she wishes to share and support others on this path. Check out her website

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