Umbilical Cord of Love

By Sally Saint

As Mothers Day fast approaches here in the UK, there will be something different about this one for me this year. My mother is no longer on this earth. She passed in December, so it will be another first for me and her. 

There have been many deep emotions, a pain that has floored me and a breaking apart that takes my breath away.

Yet as the days have passed and I have allowed the tears to flow, something else is emerging and that is love. 

This deep and profound pure love is being pumped back into me and I know it comes from her. The ethereal umbilical cord has come into place. That which provided me and my every need as I was in my mother’s womb is now delivering lifeblood of another sort now she is in heaven. 

A love that is encouraging me to live again, to love, and to enjoy the beauty of life. It is her pouring this vital fluid to me right now and she is asking me to step forward. 

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