All of Me

Photography:Opal Imagery

By Sally Saint

As the changes circulate around us all more and more, like the gaseous rings around the planet Saturn, what we thought was going to be a temporary change now suddenly looms with more of a force. 

What if life does not return to what was? Should it? 

The ‘all of me’ that I have used as my title is the only thing that we all must implement into our lives so that the ring of Saturn becomes just a cloud in the distance, part of our world but not the deciding factor in it. 

This is the totality of self, the spiritual aspect and the human in total balance, each listening to the other, each taking their cues from the other. 

In this balance and acceptance of our wholeness, we are given the tools and THE ULTIMATE guidance. 

For in here resides our strength, our own answers and our own unique and beautiful world. To access this place and create this unity, we must step away from the pandemic and look inside. For what if every single fear-based post and news programme actually hooked into an inner part of us calling to be healed. 

What if every fear-based conversation that we hear then burrows inside to a hidden trauma and we are frozen in time, but the time is not now, it’s from way back?

What if those with more resilience in this time are the ones doing their inner work? So they can cement and maintain the spiritual and human connection, feed it, nurture it and listen to its wisdom. 

What if?  

Have a look at your children, especially the young, and see how deeply and intrinsically they are connected to all things.

See how they marvel at a worm crossing the pavement in front of them, look as they have a conversation with the said creature. 

I have seen my 9-year-old son stop and move numerous worms off the pavement after there had been a rainstorm: he chose, he stopped, he cared. 

Today he had to write a poem for his schoolwork, the topic could be anything and he chose me. The words he used were so beautiful I have cried so many many tears. 

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