What Particular Life Skills Do Our Children Need to Learn?

Children need to develop analytical decision making to pave the way toward wise choices and active participation in the future. You can help by building a safe environment for them to practice making decisions…

Time Management

Time waits for no one and cannot be retrieved. This is why it is critical to teach children proper time management. This skill can help children become organized, disciplined, efficient, and reliable. As a parent, you can help your child with time management through simple things like setting a bedtime, an allotted time to complete chores. When they’re ready, they can build their own schedule to help them understand personal accountability.

Communication Skills

The ability to cohesively and accurately articulate one’s feelings is a critical skill to learn in life. Much of your child’s interactions will be through words whether written or spoken. So you will need to make sure that your child can convey their thoughts and emotions properly. You can help by actively keeping verbal and non-verbal communication open in the home. You can read books together and have discussions about the story so you can work on communication and comprehension.

The future of the world as a whole is reliant upon the ones who inherit it. If the coming generations do not have the skills to become productive and responsible members of society, things look bleak. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our children will have what they need to care for themselves and others long after we are gone.

Kylee Harris is an educator who has taught in elementary schools in Singapore and Hong Kong for 5 years. She lives in Florida and continues to teach life skills to young adults in her community.

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