Will I Love My Baby At First Sight?

So, where did we get this idea that we are “supposed” to love our babies as soon as they are born?

However, in real life, there’s no evidence to show that a lack of immediate connection with your newborn has any effect on your long-term relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re not maternal. It doesn’t impact your ability to breastfeed. And it doesn’t mean your baby won’t love you!

Rather than putting pressure on yourself to feel a certain way, try and surround yourself with supportive, non-judgmental friends and family. The more relaxed and supported you feel, the easier it will be to bond with your baby – whether it takes you half a second or half a year.

Originally published HERE.

When women are nourished and nurtured after giving birth, they feel calm, connected and confident. My passion is to provide this high level of postnatal support to women in Canberra and worldwide. I guide expectant parents to create a vision for life with baby, and give them the practical tools to make their vision a reality. You can find me at Peaceful Postnatal.

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