Winter Wellness: Childcare at Home

There is nothing nicer than snuggling under a blanket with a book on a cold winter’s day. As adults we often crave that comforting in-home environment – and so too do our children.

The most natural environment to care for and raise a child is in the home – which is why PORSE created a Natural Childcare solution, based on providing authentic relationships, environments and experiences.

Children in PORSE care have the chance to be kids and experience real-world outings based on their own, individual interests. And when they’re done, they’re back inside in a warm, cosy environment with one carer and no more than three other children. That means your child will have some much needed peace and quiet for when they need time to recharge.

At Kylie Nesbit’s house, some days she and her PORSE children are wrapped up in jackets and gumboots running through puddles and zooming down slides. But then there are the days when they get the puzzles and books out and stay snug as bug – out of the cold in a warm and familiar environment that’s not too noisy.

Kylie, an in-home Educator with PORSE, knows the children benefit from having a healthy balance of outdoor and indoor play and making sure they have some quiet time.

“Children need some down time, just like we adults do. I cater each day to how the children are feeling, if they need to burn off some energy we head down to the park, but if they’re tired after a busy weekend with mum and dad then we’ll stay around home and maybe do some baking or craft activities.”

Instead of wrapping children up in cotton wool, we wrap them up warm in appropriate clothing to go outside and explore the great outdoors. Hats, gloves, jackets and gumboots come out for PORSE children during Winter. Due to the low educator-child ratio, they are given the opportunity to get outside, jump in a pile of leaves, splash in puddles and wander around their surroundings under a big umbrella.

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