Yes, I Breastfeed My Baby To Sleep

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By Louise, aka Mama Bean

You know what I just don’t understand? Anyone who has a problem with “feeding to sleep”.

I went without wine for 9 months, pushed a human out of my vagina and somehow figured out how to get Big Sister to school ON TIME while simultaneously managing diaper blow outs and cluster feeding. These precious minutes of sleepy feeding are literally gold dust…they allow me to slow down, to connect, to breathe.

Why oh why anybody would have an issue with this gift from above is beyond me.

These precious minutes of sleepy feeding are literally gold dust…they allow me to slow down, to connect, to breathe.

We’ve all heard it, right? The torrent of opinions that encircles this particular aspect of mothering…

“You’re making a rod for your own back!”

“He’ll never learn to self-soothe!”

“You’re creating an unhealthy sleep association!”

An unhealthy sleep association? Really? There have been studies proving that sleeping with somebody you love literally lengthens a person’s life. Because what could be better than falling asleep, safe and secure, in the arms of the one who loves you most in the world?

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    1. says: Tammy

      I’m right there with you Laney. ( from previous comment)

      I have the happiest, most content baby and I believe it’s because she knows her provider and protector (which is our sole purpose in motherhood) is always there for comfort.
      Our job is to nurture and provide a safe and loving environment for these small humans whom can’t provide these key elements for themselves.

      So why is there this guilt in cosleeping and feeding our babies to sleep.

  1. says: Nienke

    Baby is 7.5 months old now and still only goes to sleep when breastfeeding. YES , I LOVE that it is such a powerful tool, but…. it means I can not go away at night as she won’t go to sleep when I am not there. Also, when she wakes at night and I am not there, she gets hysterical. She doesn’t want a pacifier (never accepted it) and it took her about 6 months to learn how to drink from a bottle, so it’s all natural parenting here . But it means it’s all up to me and that is a bit hard at times. Am really looking forward to a night out, even though I love it that we are so connected…

  2. says: Lilly

    Welllll my toddler is still being fed to sleep. He’s 2,5 yrs old. I wish he wasn’t so addicted, because I don’t know how to get him to quit and sleep trough the night without being fed 🙁

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