You Are Enough

Photography:Opal Imagery

By Lindsay Jane Hunter

You are enough

you are enough when you’re tired  
and enough when you’re cross 
enough when you’re in chaos 
or grieving  loss 

you’re enough when the TV is on all day 
you’re enough when you just don’t want to play 
you’re enough when you take your eye off the ball 
enough when you crumble 
enough when you fall 

you’re enough when you hide away from your kids 
enough when the hormonal rage bouts hit  
you’re enough when you feel guilty or angry or sad 
enough when parenting is driving you mad 

you’re enough all day long from morning til night 
you’re enough when you don’t quite get it right 
enough when you’re lonely yet never alone 
enough when you’re scrolling too much on your phone  

you’re enough because mama you love them so much 
you hug them and hold them with words and with touch 
you’re enough because you do what you feel is best 
enough because you carry on when you need a rest 

enough because they know you’ll always be there 
enough because of just how much you care 
you are enough because you are their biggest cheerleader 
enough because you are a storybook reader 

you are enough because you are you 
and no other mum does it quite like you do  

You are enough.  

Lindsay Jane Hunter is a therapeutic arts and drama practitioner based in Coventry, UK, who is passionate about facilitating opportunities to be creative and build connections. Join her Connection & Creativity communities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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