Eight Things My Kids Need Right This Second

By Barrie Bismark

Spoiler Alert. I’m about to say one of the most obvious statements ever spoken. Here it goes… Mums are constantly fielding the demands of their children. Mind blown, right? But seriously, parenting will teach you many things… things like joy, patience, love, frustration and exhaustion. But nothing quite like it teaches you the true meaning of service.

The little monsters (ahem… I mean kids) that you created are completely dependent on you for just about everything. From the moment they come into this world, it’s game over. You will forever be their slave and at their beck and call from that moment on. These tiny humans will demand more of you than you ever dreamed you could even give. More… more… still more.

You’ll find yourself saying “just a minute” or “I’ll be right there” but in all honesty, it is impossible to get everyone what they want when they want it. Hell, most of the time they could get it themselves. And it’s not like they have any patience. “I want milk; I need help; I want money; I need shoes; Where are my pants…MUMMMMMMMMM!!”

For me, there are times when I just want to bang my head into the wall out of pure frustration. Not frustration because they need things, but because they need it now… all of them, at the same time. Now.

Here are 8 things my kids need RIGHT THIS SECOND:

  • My undivided attention. No talking, no phone, no thinking, no reading, no going to the bathroom, no doing anything other than paying 100% attention to them. Are you thinking of possibly looking at their sibling? FAIL. Just stare at them and do whatever it is they want you to do at that very moment. Even if it is just watching them watch TV.
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