You are not alone, Mama

By Sarah Noble

As I stand in the dark, rocking my teething/leaping baby to sleep, I wonder how many other mums are doing the same. 
How many other mums are tired, but doing everything to help their little ones drift off.
I think of the other women and smile, knowing I am not alone.
I snuggle into Dylan’s neck and hold him a little tighter. 
It won’t be like this forever. 
One day he won’t need me to help him sleep. 
One day he won’t need me to take his pain away. 
One day he won’t want me to hold him. 
So, despite wanting to go to sleep myself, I continue rocking my son, into hour number 2, until he eventually stays asleep and I crawl into bed, ready to get up and give him my all as soon as he needs me again. 
You are not alone, Mama. 

I see you. 

Sarah Noble is a Maternal Mental health Advocate, Mindset and Mindfulness Speaker, Writer and Mentor, and an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. She specialises in helping first-time mums optimise their mental health, so they can navigate motherhood with confidence, clarity & authenticity. She lives in Dunedin with her partner and son, Dylan, who is 16 months old. She loves vegetables, rock music, nature, travel and swearing.  

You can find Sarah on Instagram and Facebook and on her Mindfully You website.

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