You are Not Failing Mama

Photography:Rachel Burt Photography

By Sarah Noble

You are not failing as a mum because you yelled at your kids. 
Or want time away from them. 
Or let them watch TV for 4 hours. 
Or didn’t feel like playing with them. 
Or gave them chips to eat for dinner. 
Or……the list goes on. 
Mama, give yourself a break. 
You are doing your best. 
Fucking up sometimes doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be a mum. 
It doesn’t mean you are fucking your children up. 
Your baby doesn’t care if the house is messy 
If you haven’t showered in 2 days. 
We all want the best for our children. 
They just want us. 
Our presence. 
Our embrace. 
Our love. 
Ditch the high expectations you are putting on yourself 
Ditch the guilt. 
Ditch the negative self-talk. 
Release the pressure to do and be it all. 
You can do ANYTHING. 
You can’t do EVERYTHING. 
Mama, doing your best is always enough. 
I see you 
You got this ❤ 

Sarah Noble is a Maternal Mental Health Advocate, Mindset and Mindfulness Speaker, Writer and Mentor, and an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. She specialises in helping first-time Mums optimise their mental health, so they can navigate motherhood with confidence, clarity and authenticity. She lives in Dunedin with her partner and her son, Dylan, who is 17 months old. She loves vegetables, rock music, nature, travel and swearing. 

You can find Sarah on Instagram and Facebook and at 

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