Your Little Ecosprout: Must-Haves for a Non-Toxic Sleeping Environment

By Hannah Schenker

These days we are all about healthy, clean and organic living. When you become pregnant, this can go next level as you become intensely passionate about giving your baby the best start in life. Revamping a whole house may be slightly out of your reach, but you can start with the room in which your baby sleeps and create an organic sleeping environment for your organic baby.

Caroline Olson, founder of Ecosprout, suggests we parents try to reduce our baby’s exposure to chemicals as much as possible.

“Try to eliminate the exposure to chemicals in clothing, food, toys, cleaning products and our environment in general,” she says. “In the first 12 months of a baby’s life, they spend up to 10 hours a day sleeping. By making sure their sleeping place is as organic and healthy as possible is a safe start for a newborn.”

Whether baby has a nursery of their own or co-sleeps with you, you will need to be thinking about your crib/bassinet/bed choices, non-toxic paints for the walls, flooring, etc. For the bed itself, start thinking about ensuring the mattress is healthy and damp-free, with certified organic cotton sheets and bedding against the skin.

Checklist for your little one’s safe sleeping environment:

Mattress protector made with bamboo

Made from the silky and smooth fibers of rayon, the natural bamboo sleep surface ensures the health and comfort of your baby by minimising most airborne allergens. Great for little ones with sensitive skin. Features the revolutionary Miracle Membrane® barrier; protecting your baby and their mattress against allergies, dust mites, bed-wetting, and stains and bacteria.

Certified organic cotton sheets

These sateen cotton sheets come in both bassinet and cot sizes and are made with the purest and most breathable 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The beauty of sateen is that it’s not only extremely soft but also has a warm-to-the-touch hand feel, making sleepy time that much more cosy and inviting!

Organic cotton blanket or merino blanket in winter

Ecosprout’s range of natural and organic cotton blankets and merino wool baby blankets come in both bassinet and cot sizes. The 100% Organic Cotton Cellular Baby Blankets are the best baby blanket for allowing baby to regulate their body temperature. This is because they are highly breathable, making them the perfect blanket for your precious newborn. The Ecosprout 100% Pure Merino Wool Blanket is supersoft, and snuggly warm – the best blanket for Autumn and Winter months. Using only the softest and low irritant merino wool this blanket is delicate next to baby’s skin and perfect for keeping your precious newborn warm in their moses basket, bassinet or stroller.

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