Help! What do I do with the Kids Today? Fun Days Out with the Small Ones



Nothing says freedom like jumping on your bike and cycling off into the sunset. But with the arrival of your firstborn, life can seem joyous: yes, but also restricted. A bike ride is so tempting, but how safe will your precious little one be strapped into a bike seat? Enter the Bobike Exclusive Mini.  A beautiful Dutch-designed seat suitable from when your baby can sit-up, around nine-months old.  Mounted on the front of the bike with a ‘windscreen’ as protection, your baby is safe, secure and practically in your arms.  The unique contoured belts are adjustable with one hand and they keep your baby upright, even when she falls asleep. The Click & Go mounting system not only allows for speedy installation, you are also able to quickly and easily switch the seat between bicycles.

Toddlers and beyond

Apologies for the reality check those with younger kids, but there’s a proverbial ‘hungry gap’ once your preschooler is out of a buggy but not yet strong enough/willing to walk any distance.  Cycling really comes into its own now, and thankfully Bobike offer rear seats as well which are suitable from nine-months all the way up to ten-years. Although it’s unlikely your ten-year-old will need a bike seat, it could be a very useful resource if you ever wanted to attempt a long-distance ride or take tired children home later in the evening.

Auckland Botanic Gardens
Lucky Aucklanders to have such a wonderful resource on your doorstep. This winter challenge the kids to do fifty free, fun and fabulous things in the gardens: count the lizards on the Bird Lady sculpture; find the brick campsite near the lake and climb aboard the row boat; spot the cheeky piwakawaka (fantail); practice cartwheels on the main lawn, and so, so much more.

The Babyshow
Held at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds from 19th-21st August, this is a one-stop shop for all things baby, toddler and preschooler. Compare slings, find out how to install a carseat, research anything and everything from a huge range of natural products to car insurance. From gingerbread men to WaterWipes, play mats to childcare save yourself hours of fruitless online searching by talking to the experts and actually touching and using the products.  Elsewhere you’ll find seminars on a wide range of topics from healthy mums, to baby sleep via nappies, post natal exercise and toilet training.

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