Wherever You Go, Take Sunnyo – Your SPF BFF!


Sunscreen and sun protection are so important for children, and protecting your child’s skin from too much sun exposure can greatly reduce the risk of skin damage. Sunburn during childhood has been linked to a higher risk of developing skin cancer later in life and invisible damage can occur too, in all skin types.

The idea for Sunnyo came about during founder Solar Nicholls’ second pregnancy in 2021. Mum to a toddler at that point, she was searching for a sunscreen product that was made specifically with children in mind. With skin being the largest organ in the body, she wanted a sunscreen made from natural ingredients that would be gentle enough to be used on a child’s sensitive skin – but she wanted it to be cool too, with fun and playful packaging.

She also wanted a sunscreen with lasting protection. She was concerned about the number of sunscreens that didn’t feel like they provided enough protection once on the skin. Instead, she wanted the natural thickness of zinc – nothing too oily or greasy.

Her third prerequisite was that the sunscreen should be affordable. With so many sunscreens on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. With some good-quality sunscreens at the higher end of the market, she wanted to provide the same quality but at a good price point that made it affordable for everyone.

Sunnyo Fam Bam Sunscreen is manufactured and retailed in Queensland, Australia. Understanding the relentless strength of the sun on your skin, they have created a sunscreen that provides the best protection for your little ones and the whole family. All the ingredients are ethically sourced, certified vegan, 100% organic and 40 minutes water resistant.

The Fam Bam Sunscreen is a physical-based TGA-approved sunscreen product. Made SPF50, it contains the active mineral ingredient non-nano zinc oxide. As well as protecting the skin from UV rays, zinc oxide is known for its skin-healing properties, making it a no brainer purchase for those with sensitive skin.

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