I Don’t Pregnant Well

By being honest about it with other mums, I’ve found so many more that were in the same “smile and pretend it’s all good” boat, and the minute they hear what I say they fill me in on the ups and downs of their own experience. And it’s almost like I can see the weight lift when they find a fellow “don’t pregnant well” mama.

So to all of you out there who breeze through pregnancy with a skip in your step, my heart sings for you. You go girl and embrace it!

And to all those fellow mamas out there that just don’t pregnant well… I feel ya! Know now that you are not alone. Know now that there are many of us out here that feel the same – that understand.

And I say don’t hide it, don’t put on a false smile and sweetly pretend that everything is just peachy. Be honest and say proudly “I just don’t pregnant well”! Trust me, owning it and saying it out loud and not giving a dam what others think is the best feeling, it’s liberating, it honest.

And it’s real.

So tell me, we’re you a “skip down the road” kinda pregnancy or do you “not pregnant well”?

I’d love to know.

Maybe we should start a club?

Karyn Cossey is a mama based in Whangarei, New Zealand, and is the founder of Kalm Designs –¬†maternity and breastfeeding fashion with a difference.

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