How a Morning Routine Can Change Your Day

Photography: Alisa Anton

By Leah McDermott, M.Ed

Do You Have A Morning Routine?

Oh, you mean stumbling out of bed when you hear the kids rummaging through the fridge and praying your husband already started coffee doesn’t count? 

No, no it does not. 😉

One of the most proven ways to have a positive outlook for your day is to start off your day with a good and consistent routine.

If it is at all possible, it is great for you to have some early morning time to yourself. I fully recognize that with the demands of life with little ones, this isn’t always possible, but if you can manage crawling out of bed even 20-30 minutes before you know your kids will be awake, you can really do a lot to set your mindset straight for the day ahead.

What should you do while you’re awake in those 20 minutes before the kids?

Not laundry. Not dishes. Not chores.

Do something early in the morning to give your mind and soul some much needed positive energy!

Watch the sunrise. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee (all the way to the bottom of the cup hot!). Practice gratitude journaling. Spend time focusing on YOU. It’s so important that you give yourself time each day.

Plus, having that time to wake up before your children can make all the difference in the way you connect with them!

First thing in the morning is one of the best times to connect with your child. They are rested from a long night of sleep, they are full of wonder and excitement and question, and a new day is such an exciting thing!

And even if you’re not a “morning person”, having a morning routine with your child and/or your family, is a fantastic way to start each day off on a happy and connected note.

But regardless of when YOU wake up, here are some ideas to help you connect with your children right away every morning:

CUDDLE! Get those love endorphins flowing for both of you right away by starting your day off with some cuddle time. Since I’m awake before my boys most mornings, once I hear them start to stir, I join them in bed and we snuggle and wake up slowly.

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