Wonderful Surprises

By Sally Saint

So much of my life has been about changing my life path, healing a deep ancestral line, and then finally walking free with the wisdom and knowledge intact, after processing the wounds of the past. 

Today was a day that I will remember for a very long time indeed and it was a day of happy tears.  

This very day my 9-year-old son, who will be 10 in August, wrote a poem about ‘Family’ that will be featured in a collaborative book that all the authors are children. 

To say he surpassed my expectations is an under-statement.

I left him to write it on the laptop in the sitting room of our home, while I did some work in another room. He called me a few times to ask about spelling certain words, and that was all the help he needed.  

He just stepped right into the task, and when he completed it, he read it to me. Here the happy tears came. 

You see his image and heartfelt words of what this family means to him is exactly what I hoped for this dear child, and myself: his words about our family, which is him, myself, Steve the mouse and Barnacles Bear the dog. 

This is his family and mine, and he loves it and us all. He wrote about this gorgeous family, of being loved and inspired, he wrote with so much love and passion for us all. 

He wrote from a full cup and that is all I could ever wish for this boy, a cup full of love. 

When I took on the challenge of changing my life and listening to my heart, I faced so many changes, for when I gave birth to this child, he made me understand what unconditional love was and how lacking it was in my world and myself. 

I saw the wounds, and the ancestral lines that needed to end, and I did it, and like the warrior who goes into battle, I faced each one, I saw the truth, then chose to stand and make the changes. 

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