Mothers: Givers of Life and Life Lessons

I have learned so many lessons and have a lot of respect for my mother, even more so because I have walked similar paths to her. There is also a sadness that I feel I have never really known the women of my family. Owning of our own voices has been buried under repression.

When I speak, I know I heal in front and behind me, for I know that what I do has a ripple effect. Native Americans talk of this effect, seven generations in front and behind are touched by your actions. The more I live, the more I understand both sides of life, the light and the dark, the heavy and the light. How in coming to peace with our pasts and allowing ourselves to feel we can not only change our own paths but also others.

Our mothers did THE very best they could with the knowledge and tools they were given by their parents. When life shows you a different path to your families give thanks, but also understand.

So to my mum I give thanks for her still walking this earth. I can still hug her, kiss her, tell her I love her and smell her. When I lived at home my most favourite thing when I was ironing was to iron her nightie, it smelled of her. Something so simple, the smell of someone you love.

I love her, she loves me, the life lessons in this link were meant to be.

To all the mothers in my family line, to my grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunties, cousins, sisters and nieces: when I drive on my highway in life, I know that every time I speak my truth I speak also for you. I know all those in Spirit cheer when I step through another illusion and remember who I truly am.

We are all spiritual beings in human bodies and every time we touch our truths we know this. Our children are living proof as they emanate this as soon as they come into our bodies and our lives. So to all mothers, whether you gave birth, adopted, fostered or mother everything in your path, let us all join hearts, raise the vibration and celebrate, MOTHERS.

Givers of life and life lessons.

Sally Saint is a mother to an amazing 7 year old son, woman, healer, artist, walker of this path of life. She is passionate about natural parenting as it is in line with parenting from the heart. Her life has given her many experiences and she wishes to share and support others on this path. Her website is

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